Theatre / Stage Presence

Under the direction of our trained professionals, our workshops develop personal skills such as imagination, observation, creativity and verbal and physical expression by offering students the opportunity to mature as individuals through the symbolic representation of everyday life situations.


In addition to exposing the child or adolescent to the universal culture of literary creation our program also allows them to actively participate in situations that could occur at any time. This is essential in the development of observation and imagination which ultimately opens the spectrum of creativity in solving any problem, a great advantage when facing life’s biggest challenges.


From an academic point of view, theatre not only teaches the child to communicate and express themselves to others, gaining confidence and self-trust, but blends all aspects of academia such as languages, social sciences and fine arts.


Theatre not only advances oral expression and communication but develops the ability to work in group settings in which the individual learns to socialize within a constructive context thereby increasing the capacity to adapt to his or her environment. The physical and vocal training inherent in theatre also develops physical, intellectual and moral autonomy as well as a strong sense of self-identity.


Our methodology focuses on the practice of vocal exercises incorporating real and imaginary objects as well as improvisation exercises on space.


The best gift that one can offer a child is education and placing in their hands the tools to develop a life of security, discipline and self-satisfaction that ultimately allows them to have a better understanding of society and its environment.



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