Ages Newborn to 2

Stage Masters Conservatory is proud to offer classes for newborns to two year old babies and their mommy and daddy. 



Mommy, Daddy & Me is based on the importance of artistic experiences within the family. This attractive class addresses the learning of music from the environment closest to the child, attending to their need to play and experiment while developing their motor skills.


The contents and objectives of this class contemplate the child as an active element of his own learning. Each session includes listening activities, language construction, expression, improvisation, etc. Because these elements attend equally to the child’s intellect, expressiveness and affection they tend to favor the overall development of the child’s personality.



• We will help the baby respond freely to musculoskeletal stimulation in a safe, comfortable and quiet environment.

• You can share with your child a moment of connection and learning that will reinforce your emotional bonds.

• You will have a repertoire of rhythms and songs, of quality and musical wealth, that you will be able to integrate in your day to day life.

• You will contribute to your child’s early musical education from the first months of life and to the development of your musical and emotional intelligence.


Professor Mónica Cisnero is a licensed musician, flutist and Montessori assistant. She has developed her pedagogical career for more than 15 years in Cuba, Portugal, Spain and the United States, specializing in early education and the initiation of music education.


For more information call 305-974-2322. 

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