Drums Theory Exam

Levels Primer and First

Drums Theory Exam

Levels Primer and First


Introduction and Instructions


The knowledge of music theory is essential to the study of any musical instrument.


As a result, Stage Masters Music is proud to offer Theory Examinations as part of the musical education of every music student.


The following are the full range of oral questions that will be asked during the drums theory exam for levels primer and first.


Students will only be asked some of the questions. However, since students are not sure which particular questions will be asked they are encouraged to study all questions in the level in which they will be examined.


Since the exam is oral, students are expected to know only the answers to the questions and are not expected to draw or any diagrams. All diagrams are included here for visual aid purposes only so as to allow the student to identify those figures set forth in the examinations.


Experience has shown that the best way to study for this type of oral exam is for the student first to read the questions and answers to him or herself various times.


Then the student should do the same but reading them out loud.


Finally, someone should read the questions to the student while the student answers them out loud, simulating what the judges will do on exam day.


International Board of Music Examiners


Stage Masters Music International Board of Music Examiners are highly trained professional musicians and pedagogues from across the world, including US; Cuba, Chile; Colombia; Argentina; and Spain. All examiners complete an Adjudicator Certification Program before being accepted as a judge in the Stage Masters Music Examination Program.


All Stage Masters Music theory examinations will be based on the questions provided herein. Examinations are held twice a year.

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