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Stage Masters Music believes that music is just as or more important than any other activity in which children and adults of all ages participate on a daily basis. Music is everywhere; in every aspect and fiber of our society and lives. There are few, if any, activities that do not include music. And yet, as important as music is in our daily lives, music education is in grave danger of being eliminated from many of our educational systems.     


· Children who study music not only excel in school but have a better chance of staying in school.

· The elimination of public school musical education is opening the door for hundreds of private music teachers across the city and county who are available to teach children, a service that is now more important than ever.

· The average music student, whether taught in public school or privately, quit their musical studies simply because they have no forum to display their musical talents. These forums are usually available only to gifted and prodigious children. The great majority of music students fall by the wayside.   


How many aspiring musicians are discouraged and discarded because of an antiquated system that hold auditions to “eliminate’ those musicians, who are deemed “not good enough” to compete, ultimately giving only those chosen ones the opportunity to move on to the next level. In the process, most children are turned away and many of those become discouraged and quit their musical studies.  

Just like the little boy who sleeps with his baseball glove under his pillow dreaming of hitting a homerun in the bottom of the ninth inning in a World Series or the young girl who hangs her ballerina slippers on her bedpost and stares at them every night before falling asleep, dreaming of performing on Broadway, the young musician dreams of the day when he or she is a star, performing in Carnegie Hall or on a stage, with hundreds, if not thousands of people listening and applauding as they receive an Emmy.

Normally, this thrill and excitement is available only to either those who made it through the audition process or those with connections or lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. Stage Masters Music has changed all of that!   


Stage Masters Music believes that EVERY music student should have the opportunity to display their musical talents on a professional-type stage by performing in a theatre-type setting in front of a live audience and a panel of distinguished world-class judges.     


Everyone! The competitions are open to music students of all ages and any level of experience from Beginners to Advanced. And for music professors, Stage Masters affords them this much needed service to help keep their students motivated and enthused to continue their studies.   


Students register to compete in their respective instruments, division and level but rather than compete against each other, each student competes strictly for the judges and is judged on their personal performance. No performer leaves without at least one award based on their individual scores.And, depending on their individual scores, many receive multiple awards. Music professors are also recognized and rewarded for their hard work and persistence. And to promote unity between students of a particular studio or professor, team awards are also awarded.   


Many things but two of our most important qualities are 1) the fact that we do not hold auditions and allow everyone to participate; and 2) Stage Masters Music believes that music should be fun, while maintaining its professionalism in the proper setting and atmosphere.

Stage Masters has mastered the perfect blend of professionalism and fun to make every event dynamic, fast-paced and entertaining to everyone, performers, professors, musicians and audiences.   


The ultimate result is that music students constantly have a goal of performing in the next event and are motivated to not only study harder but to continue their musical studies which will help them achieve better grades and remain in school longer.   


Stage Masters is reaching out to all parents and music professors of all music students, regardless of age or level of experience to let them know that they now have a place where they can participate, be motivated and keep the dream of finishing their musical education alive. 

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