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Music Lessons; Competitions; Concerts; Extravaganzas; Festivals; Recitals and Examinations

Stage Masters offers you the best of both worlds. Not only has it mastered the perfect blend of professionalism and fun to make every event dynamic, fast-paced and entertaining to everyone - performers, professors, musicians and audiences, but it has teamed up with the MUSIC LESSON PLACEMENT SERVICE to help you find the perfect music professor for you FREE OF CHARGE!


The Music Lesson Placement Service is a 

FREE community based service to help you locate the perfect private music professor.  


So whether you are five; twenty-five; fifty-five or eighty-five, a beginner with three months of lessons under your belt or an advanced musician, the ultimate result is that music students constantly have a goal of performing in the next event and are motivated not only to study harder but to continue their musical studies which will help them achieve better grades and remain in school longer.


So if you are searching for a music professor, search no more. The Music Lesson Placement Service will find one for you FREE OF CHARGE. click here for more details on music lessons.

Music Lessons


a subsidiary of Stage Masters Music, represents an elite group of independent music professors throughout South Florida who are available to teach private music lessons in one of their own private studios or in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


Our goal is to put you in contact with a professor in your area that meets your criteria and is compatible with your needs. For more details click here.

Interested in Music,  Lessons? Don't spend a penny or a minute more until you read this!

If you or your children are looking to take music lessons don't spend a penny or any of your time until you check out the FREE LESSON PLACEMENT SERVICE, an organization committed to helping music students find the perfect music professor TOTALLY FREE! There is a group of elite and carefully selected and Steinway Certified music professors that are available to teach music throughout South Florida in South Florida's most prestigious privated music conservatorys or in their private studios or in the comfort of your own home and you can have access to them TOTALLY FREE!

Click here for more details.



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